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What is Monnicraft?

The right question is actually “WHO is Monnicraft?”

Monnicraft is  Monica Gibertoni, a young mom and wife living in the Bologna area (Italy). In order to take care of her children  and family, she left her job as a chemist, and let her hobbies grow more and more. Now, thanks to internet and e-commerce website such as Facebook, amazon and etsy, Monnicraft is a stable family economical resource.

Every item is handmade. The most used tecniques are sewing machine and crochet, always used   by women…and now revisited to create new objects.

More about me….

I’m Monica, 33, Italian and living near Bologna (North of Italy) with my husband and 3 children.

I am actually a chemist, I’ve studied and researched for many years at the University, travelling also abroad for conferences. After that, I started working in a factory, but I lost my job when I got pregnant. SInce being a mom became my priority, I refused to find another job in the chemistry field, and totally changed my life.

I have always been a creative person, so I just let my creativity drive and started Monnicraft. Slowly but steadily, this activity rose and gave me the opportunity to stay at home with my children (that I homeschool) and contribute to the family expenses.

Another really important fact about my handicraft is that it completely developed because of my personal needs. Before launching a new product, I personally design and test it for me and my family. I love creating useful, solid, unique items, studied by a mom for moms. That’s why I create so many different objects (from cloth diapers to skirts, for example)! I just needed something specifically, so I invented it.

My vision? To be an inspiration and help more and more families.

Every item I create is a part of me, it has a history just like me. It came from a personal need, and I did my best to achieve a useful product..

In these years, I set up a traditional way of living, simplier than the chaotic lives we are so used to nowadays. I really enjoy creating handmade objects instead of buying manifactured ones. It is more sustainable, and you learn the important meaning of self-commitment and time. Better to own less, but more durable stuff: and follow these considerations, I really love to use and produce washable items (instead of disposable ones), with energy, ecological and economical savings.

I am very passionate about modesty. My Catholic traditional faith made me discover what femininity is really about. Elegance is simplicity and dignity.

The same traditional Catholic faith led me to create my best sellers: rosaries, bible covers, scapulars… and of course my chapel veils. These are my trademark creations, a way to revive the Italian traditional veiling. I am the only Italian artisan to do that! Veiling at church is my apostolate.

My family is still and always my priority, so my crafting time is limited. Please be patient with the realization and shipping time.

Where to buy:

You can buy directly from me (Contact form), or through these e-commerce shops, I ship worldwide!

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